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Weight Loss Program Follow Up Consultation

Weight Loss Program Follow Up Consultation

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This Follow Up is for you if you:

-Want to consistently lose weight, and prevent plateau 

-OR Get Bored of Following The Same Diet 

-OR Want to consistently improve your Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure levels.. 

-OR Need Support as You Experience Day-to-Day Healthy Eating Challenges 

- OR You are up for a challenge

During The Follow Up: 


First: Leen will go over your intake for the past 2 weeks. She will correct any misunderstandings, and listen to your feedback. Changes to the meal plan will be made based on your feedback. 

Second: You will get on the INBODY body composition analyzer again, and discuss changes: how much fat have you lost? what body parts lost fat? how did your muscle change? Water changes? 

Third: Motivation is given, when needed 

Fourth: A completely new meal plan that will keep shocking your body will be explained to you in detail. It will then be sent via email within 48 hours. 

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