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Personalized Nutrition Advice

We offer personalized advice based on nutritional biomarkers in your blood, your food preferences, lifestyle and diet history.

Other than helping you reach your goal, our main focus is Nutrition Education. Teaching you everything you need to know about healthy eating: from which bread or cheese to buy, to how to order in a restaurant.

Eventhough Leen has a clinic in Houston (Galleria area), USA, many of our appointments take place via Video calls,so you won't even feel the distance!

Hand in hand, we've helped 3,000 clients in the past 3 years, and cant wait to help you reach your goals and maintain them !

Personalize My Nutrition
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    No matter what goal you've set, we've got the program for you!

    Help Me Reach My Goals 
  • Basic Balanced Weight Loss

    (Available Virtually or In-person at our Houston Clinic)

    This program was developed for:


    -People who want to lose weight comfortably, with no restrictions

    This program follows one consistent diet throughout the entire
    with changes as you progress.

    Nutrition education is a key component of this program.

  • LEAN for LIFE Anti-Plateau Weight Loss Challenge

    (Available Virtually or In-person at our Houston Clinic)

    This is our Signature Program, developed to help you:

    - Lose weight FAST

    -Constantly SHOCK your body

    - Prevent plateau

    This One of a Kind Program changes into a completely different diet every 2 weeks to help you lose weight fast!

    Nutrition education is a key component of this program.

  • Build Muscle Mass

    (Available Virtually or In-person at our Houston Clinic)

    Implementing the latest research, we will help you build muscle mass efficiently.

    After providing you with all the nutrition education you need, a personalized meal plan will be prepared for you.

  • Metabolic Program

    (Available Virtually or In-person at our Houston Clinic)

    Whether you have:

    - High blood cholesterol

    -High Triglyceride levels

    -High blood pressure


    -High insulin

    ...this plan is perfect for you!  

    Nutrition education is a key component of this program.


  • Learn Healthy Habits

    (Available Virtually or In-person at our Houston Clinic)

    This program was designed to help you:

    -Learn how to eat healthy

    -Learn what changes to implement to your current lifestyle

    Through extensive educational sessions, you will learn everything from how to pick the healthiest bread, to what to order at a

  • "In 2018, I was blessed with a baby boy but gained more than 30kgs . Thats when I decided to contact Leen after hearing so much about her through family members, friends and social media. Not only did I lose all the weight I gained, I also enjoyed eating healthy and had a mentality shift. She changes the diets frequently based on your needs and each diet is made for you only. She gives ideas about meals and snacks and the diets have a lot of different meal/food choices, so you dont miss eating anything. Leen literally understands my body, she knows now what works and what doesn’t. She understands that life is tough and when I can't be in full focus, she gives me super simple guidelines to follow. Her professionalism, gorgeous smile and encouraging demeanor is what makes Leen so special. She really cares about her patients and I could feel that from day one! Thank you Leen, I appreciate you so much!" - N. A.

  • "I have done 3 different plans with Leen and they were all very successful! I did one to lose weight, one to maintain weight along with gaining muscle mass, and lastly (my favourite), losing weight WHILE ADDING muscle mass!! Leen is very enthusiastic and energetic! You can't help but get touched by her energy and motivation to get on your journey to a healthier self. She diligently puts in the work to create a diet plan that caters to both your lifestyle and food preferences. The plans are easy to follow and have several options so you dont get bored from them. Leen made sure I understood my plan well and was always available for any questions. Trust me and get started ASAP, you won't regret it!" M. T.

  • "Fast food is my passion, desserts are my favorite food group, and healthy food was my enemy. Leen developed meal plans that I can actually stick to, with all my favorite foods. She changed the diets regularly, and I ended up losing 49 Lbs in 5 months" S. A.

  • "Leen helped me lose weight without restriction, nor craving.It was not a diet plan, but a healthy lifestyle to adapt forever. She is simply the best!" Dr. M.A.

  • "I had been to many dietitians prior to visiting Leen, and I can tell you, she is something else. The amount of nutrition education she gave me was incredible. Tips I use in my daily life till today!!!!Following up with her every 2 weeks was exactly what I needed to commit, and finally see the results I've been working for!!" S.T

  • "I had done bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve) 8 years ago. I lost a ton of weight initially, but started gaining back a large sum of weight. Whenever I tried to eat healthy, I would lose a few lbs then quickly hit a plateau. Leen helped me break this plateau, and eventually lose 40 lbs. She helped me understand my body, and I couldn't be happier" A.S.

  • "I used to see Before & Afters of other people and think : "that will never be me. I just don't have the patience or the motivation to do that." But with Leen, it was different. She helped me lose weight fast, and that kept me going. With every lb that dropped, I was more motivated to lose the next. Leen was the best nutritionist ever and I am so happy to have crossed paths with her" A.N.

  • "I found out I had PCOS back in 2015, and it had been a battle since. I was gaining weight faster than I can control. I literally tried every diet under the sun, but nothing worked. Until, I came across Live Lean. Leen went through this journey with me. She changed my diets constantly, and I ended up losing 25 Lbs!! I still can't believe I did it!!" R.A.

  • "After gaining 42 Lbs of pure fat in a year or so...I decided to get back on track and regain my healthy lifestyle.vI contacted LiveLean for help.. And it was a beautiful 8 weeks journey in which I lost almost 22 Lbs of pure fat.. Gained a big deal of my self confidence and also looking forward for many more fat losses.Throughout the process the diet turned into a healthy lifestyle and was actually very rich and full of options and surprises that make more of fun progress rather than a strict course.I thank you Leen for your knowledge and help along this journey...Many more of achievements to come..." R.T.

  • "Leen was not a normal nutritionist, she was always a non-judgmental, listening ear for me. She understood that my weight gain was due to stress in my life, and so she never pressured me. She listened. She gave me guidelines I can actually commit to. Because of her, I learned to LOVE eating healthy, and nourishing my body." T.G.