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Concierge Dietitian Service For One Month

Concierge Dietitian Service For One Month

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 Our Exclusive Concierge Nutritionist Service

Do need your hand held during this weight loss journey? You're not the only one! As a registered dietitian with years of experience, I am excited to offer our personalized concierge service.

What is the Concierge Dietitian Service?

The concierge service allows you to reach out to us often, and receive prompt replies. We will help you implement your personalized diet during day-to-day challenges, helping you reach your goals!

What's Included:

  1. Q&A Access: Receive the personal number of your dietitian. You can send up to 8 questions a week, and she will make sure to reply within the hour.
  2. Restaurant Guidance: Struggling to make healthy choices when dining out? Snap a photo of the menu, and we will help you make the best choice!
  3. Grocery Store Tours: Need help sifting through the cereal isle? We’re here to help!your portions are appropriate, snap a photo, and leave the rest to us! 
  4. Send Photos of Your Meals: Want to make sure your meals are on track, snap us a photo! 
  5. Exclusive Resources: Need ideas for meals? Just ask us!

How to Get Started?

  1. Register: Purchase the concierge service once a month. Please note, this purchase must be in addition to your consultation/follow up booking.
  2. Receive the personal contact number by email  
  3. Ask away : you may ask up to 8 questions a week

How Valuable is Your Health to You?

Weight loss is a challenge, but it can be much easier with our weight loss concierge service.  Spots per month are limited, so book yours now!

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