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Learn Healthy Habits: Follow Up with Body Composition Analysis

Learn Healthy Habits: Follow Up with Body Composition Analysis

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This Program Is For You If You:

- Want to learn how to eat healthy

- Want personalized advice to improve your current eating habits

The Concept Behind This Diet:

Teaching participants how to live a healthier life. This program is all about nutrition education, teaching you everything you need to know, from what bread to buy at the supermarket, to how to order at a restaurant.

Become your own personal dietitian!  

How it works:

Step 1: Register for a zoom video appointment with Leen. 

Step 2: A 45 min-to- 1 hour initial consultation will take place via a zoom video call, during which:

First: Leen will thoroughly go over your past medical history, weight loss history, current exercise regimen, and current food intake. 

Second: Leen will educate you on the best exercise to reach YOUR goal. Together, you will decide on an exercise regiment that you feel comfortable with. (if you have no time to exercise, Leen will work around that)

Fourth: An extensive nutrition education session will be given. Leen will teach you the basics of healthy eating using practical tips: how to identify healthy bread, what bread to buy at the supermarket.. what cheese to to identify "healthier" protein options (ex. is shrimp healthy? is sausage healthy?)...what to eat when at a restaurant.. etc

Fifth: Leen will explain what type of diet you should expect to receive, and will answer any questions you have. 

Step 3: You will receive the personalized meal plan discussed in clinic via email, adapted to fit YOUR lifestyle, YOUR likes and YOUR body/metabolism. Leen will also give you recommendations of great products that can make your grocery experience a lot easier. She will be very specific, you just need to pick them up!  

Step 4: Leen will be available for any questions via email. She will follow up with you via email one week after your zoom call. Email replies to questions will be sent out on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A maximum of 4 questions will be answered via email. 

 Step 5: A follow up zoom video call will take place 2 weeks after the initial consultation, at the time you have scheduled. During the follow up: 

First: Leen will go over your intake for the past 3 weeks. She will correct any misunderstandings, and listen to your feedback. 

Second: Motivation will be provided when needed. 

Third: The meal plan will be altered based on your preferences.. if needed. 

Step 6: An altered meal plan will be emailed to you, if needed.


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